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Welcome to Central-IT-Service.com. Your central stop for small and home business Information Technology Services. Our geographic coverage ranges from Southern New Hampshire to the local Atlantic Coast area to Rhode Island and Northern Connecticut to Western Massachusetts. We have been providing prompt, quality onsite services to area businesses for over 10 years.

Our expertise covers the range of services necessary for your business to maintain a competitive advantage in today's fast paced, inter-networked business world. More than ever down time related to failures in your Information Technology Infrastructure can have a material impact on your bottom line. And, contrary to popular belief, the products and services necessary to minimize the impact of potential failures are not hugely expensive.

When it comes to technology platforms and vendors we are not married to any particular one. The optimum solution for one business may not work the same for another business. Apple, Microsoft, or Linux. Mobile or conventional desktops and laptops. Self-hosted or cloud based services. We can provide your business with different options to choose from. Give us a call at
774-262-8900 or email us, service@central-it-service.com, for a free, no obligation telephone consultation about your Information Technology needs for your business.